AI for small businesses and creators

Create AI that talks to your followers, clients, and customers just like you and use it to automate outreach and conversion.

Curious? See how real people use Cetient AI

Yuliya Zhemchugova
Гуманітарні квитки до Канади та США
Сан Франциско
Chat with Yuliya's Cetient AI about how to buy humanitarian plane tickets
Doctor Anita
Ваше здоровье и красота кожи - моя миссия! Лицензированный косметолог с богатым опытом. Свыше 10 тысяч процедур по всему миру для вашей уверенности и непревзойденной красоты!
San Francisco
Chat with Anita's Cetient AI about cosmetology
Alexey Blokhin
Making your dream of owning Hawaiian rental reality.
Hawaii, California
Chat with Alexey's Cetient AI about investing in Hawaiian real estate

What can you do with your Cetient AI?

  • Have Cetient AI answer a question from your social media followers, clients, or customers
  • Share your answers to the frequently asked questions and let Cetient AI handle any follow-ups
  • Generate content that's good for sharing and publishing from raw notes and voice recordings
  • Configure Cetient AI to convert and upsell your leads.
  • Automate manual outreach and conversion processes. If you employ humans to do this, AI will do it cheaper.

How is Cetient AI different?

Concentrate on the knowledge, not on formatting
Cetient AI will make sense out of anything you tell it: unfiltered thoughts, drafts, quick notes, stream-of-consciousness writing, recorded free-form speech. When asked, it will format the answers exactly as expected for a professional conversation.
Use the content you already have
Unlock the knowledge hidden in old social media videos and posts and make it work for you. Upload all your content without any restrictions on file size and length and your Cetient AI will use it.
Protect your knowledge (coming soon)
You control what your Cetient AI can say to anyone and what can only select people or companies see.
Make your knowledge work for you (coming soon)
Let anyone pick your Cetient AI's brain on your terms: by permission, paid, or free.

Plans and pricing


Create and test your AI chatbot



  • AI chatbot that talks like you in 100+ languages
  • 10 chats per month
  • Email support
  • Train on all your data: videos, audio, images, PDFs, text


Engage your audience


Billed annually at $60 

  • Everything in Free
  • 100 chats per month
  • Live chat support
  • Personalized chatbot page with custom greeting message and URL
  • Chat history


Monetize your audience


Billed annually at $540 

  • Everything in Core
  • 1000 chats per month
  • Onboarding call to get started
  • Convert leads: collect information, promote content
  • Monetize chats: sell products or services, refer to partners


Automate your business processes


Billed annually at $3,540 

  • Everything in Expand
  • Unlimited chats
  • Dedicated Slack or WhatsApp support channel
  • Custom conversion and sales funnel configured by our experts